Brussels Fashion Days 2018 - WE'RE IN!


The Brussels Fashion Days 2018 offer, in the space of three days, 4 great fashion shows which each transports you in a world gathering know-how, creativity and innovation.

The Opening Fashion Show of the Brussels Fashion Days will present the Belgian designers who create today’s and tomorrow’s fashion. A discovery of surprising creations by their colors, shapes, materials and styling.

And wavelength is IN!

 Other Designers in the show : Valentine Avoh, Maison Ullens, Maxime Edward, EMILIE THIRION, WAVELENGTH brussels, Ireene, Catalina J., Erratum Fashion, Valentina Tsitiridis, Just In Case, Pluto On the Moon, Zilton, Citysport, Eskimo, Eriya Miura; Avenue Matswa, Citysport, Oh Fil deleau, Thelma & Louise, Toni Captain, Signé zoé, Florence Brialmont.

Come see us!

12 October 21h30
Tour & Taxis

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Corina Pitic